Please Call For All Pricing and Delivery Times 

William Winkinhofer: 

 Cell: 303-478-7872

Office / Fax: 303-644-3139


William M Winkinhofer Inc

Prices and availability subject to change without notice.
Prices are for full 25 ton or 30 yard loads, additional charge for
smaller loads and loads delivered outside Bennett,Strasburg,
Byers area.  Allow 3 day window for deliveries and availability. 
We assume no responsibility for damages to customer’s property
(including driveways, concrete,landscaping and leach fields). 
Drivers will make every effort to place material  where Customer
designates. Damage may occur to personal vehicles by loading
material so therefore Customer’s vehicles will be loaded at their
own risk.                                                                   Revised 03/2015


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