We want to inform all of our costumers and others viewing this website, that we have discovered a scam using our trusted name. Here is the information on it:

We have been contacted by many different individuals informing us that they ran an add on Craigs list looking for employment. They were contacted by another individual claiming they were Winkinhofer Shipping Company, using our last name, address and a false Company Federal Tax Id #. We have contacted all the individuals who contacted us and informed them that this is a scam and not to respond to the bogus emails. This is a scam that includes the false company sending packages to the respondents for them to mail out to individuals in their states and the false company will pay them for their services, after the individual wires them money first. This all started the week of May 15, 2011 in the states of Oregon, Texas, Virginia, Colorado and the list goes on. Please fill free to contact us if this has happened to you, we are using all the information provided to us to build a case against this horrible individual. We have filed complaints with Better Business Bureau (BBB,) Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3,) Federal Trade Commission (FTC,) and local authorities. We have also noticed that all the emails from this individual is using yahoo accounts, so we have reported the scam to yahoo and they are investigating.

Thank you for your understanding and any information you have to provide is greatly appreciated.



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