William M. Winkinhofer, Inc. can for fill any of your delivery needs. With our own well-maintained trucks, we can handle all of our products and bring them right to your house or jobsite. We look forward to hearing from you and setting up a delivery. Thank you for your interest in our family owned and operated company.




Delivery Times

Please allow a 3-5 day window for deliveries and availability. (With our business we prevent from being tied to an exact delivery time.)


Dumping on Public Streets

It is against the law to dump materials on public streets. Make sure you discuss the dump location when ordering.


Release of Liability

We assume no responsibility for damages to customer's property (including driveways, concrete, landscaping and leach fields, etc.)


Tailgate Spreading

Sometimes we can tailgate spread in driveways or any areas that are level and for the most part flat. There is no guarantee we can tailgate spread any area. This decision is left up to the driver that brings the load. (Tailgate spreading: is a method of dumping materials while the truck is moving forward to cover an area rather than dumping the entire load in one spot.)


Split Load

This is two different materials in one load, materials that we can do this with is limited. 


Combined Loads

We can combine unlike materials, materials that we can combine are limited.



All of our trucks and trailers need 30 feet of height clearance.


Standard Load Capacities



A typical load size is 23-25 tons depending on the material.


Belly Dumps  

A typical load size is 24-25 tons depending on the material.

End Dumps

A typical load size is 24-25 tons depending on the material.



 18 wheels full load is 24-25 tons.

Tandem Dump Truck

A typical load size is 14-15 tons.


*Depending on the volume per ton of some materials can prevent us from loading the truck to its maximum tonnage.




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